Since the establishment of the Women’s Studies Centre at the college in 2008, the Centre has so far brought out several publications as an outcome of the research activities undertaken by the centre. During the first phase, the college also started a Teaching Programme of a 6-month Certificate Course in Women’s Studies. Under the aegis of Dr. W. Kunjarani Chanu, Director, WSC, the Centre also organizes a number of Field Action Programmes (extension and outreach programmes) on different topics related to women issues. The Centre has a remarkable achievement during the first phase and Second Phase of the establishment of the Women’s Studies Centre. The objectives of the Centre are as follows:

a) Women empowerment through value-added education.
b) To upgrade courses on women’s studies from Certificate Course to Diploma/ Advanced Diploma Course.
c) To conduct Training Programmes on Women’s Studies.
d) To organize awareness/sensitization Programme (Field Action) about legal aids on Women’s Rights Violation and Domestic Violence etc.
e) To undergo Research Works on the topics related to Women’s issues.
f) Documentation, Compilation, Publication and Dissemination.
g) Twinning Programme between other Phase II/III centres.
h) Clustering of other Departments of the College as well as other Centres, Women’s Organization and Neighbourhood Communities.

During the year, 2015-16 the centre made a significant publication of its documentation work in the book form under the theme of “Women Activism on Social Movement (Demand for Inner Permit System)” Vol. V, Issue: III and Publication of SKWC working papers on “Social Ostracism and Domestic Violence on WLHA”, Vol. XIX, March, 2017.

Events during the year 2018-19