• The college has set up a Human Rights Studies Centre in 2008 with the financial assistance of the University Grants Commission. (Order No. F.8-8/2008 (HR & VE), dated 28-03-2008) with Dr. L. Muhindro Singh, as the coordinator of the Centre.
  • The objective of the Centre is to impart Human Rights Education, research and documentation; to conduct Field Action programmes in the nearby communities.
  • The Centre also conducts a 6 months Certificate Course in Human Rights and Duties Education.
  • The Centre also publishes SKWC Working paper from time to time through the Publication Cell of the college

The Centre has also honoured our meritorious students in Human Rights Education with the Best Human Rights StudentsAward(from 2020) every year and hands over the award on every 10th of December to mark the observance of International Human Rights Day.