Sl. No.NameDesignation QualificationArea of specialization /interestPhoto
1Dr. L. Sumobala Devi HoDM Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D, Food Science and Technology
2K. Sanajaoba KhanganbaAsst. Prof. in Junior ScaleM Sc.Microbial & Food Technology
3Dr. Ph. AshutoshAsst. Prof.M Sc., Ph.D
4N. Sonia Devi Asst. Prof.M Sc., NETFood Processing
5L. Rebita DeviAsst. Prof.M Sc., NET
6Dr. Thongam Chanu AnelAsst. Prof.M Sc., NET, Ph.D.
7Dr. Heigrujam Boboy SinghAsst. Prof. M Sc., Ph.D.