I. Government Scholarships :

a) National Scholarship : The students securing 60% and above in the H.S.E. or equivalence Examination are eligible for award of National Scholarships.
b) State Merit Scholarship : Students securing 60% and above in the H.S.E. or equivalent Examinations are illegible State Merit Scholarship.
g) NEC Scholarship : Students of Biotechnology, Food Processing Technology and BCA securing 60% and above are illegible for NEC Scholarship.
d) Post Metric Scholarship for S.T. & S.C. : Students belonging to S.C. and S.T. will get scholarship from the Directorate of Development of Tribal and Backward Classes.
e) Post Metric Scholarship for Other Backward Classes : Students belonging to the O.B.C.(Non-creamy layer) will get Scholarship from the Directorate of Minorities and Other Backward Classes.
f) UGC Sponsored Ishan Uday Scholarship for North Eastern Region: The UGC has launched a new scholarship Ishan Uday for North Easter Region where the Undergraduate Students are entitled to avail scholarship of Rs. 5,400/- per month for General Courses and Rs. 7,800/- per Technigal and Professional Courses.

II. College Scholarship : 

The College provides scholarship of Rs. 500/- per month to the outstanding students of B.SC./B.A./B.Com. 1st Year who stood 1-20 positions in Higher Secondary Examinations.

III. Donor Cash Award :

Any student who got 1st Class First with Distinction in any Course i.e., B.A./B.SC./B.Com./B.SC. Biotechnology /B.SC. Food T e g h n o l o g y / B C A Examinations conducted by the Manipur University will be given S. Kula Cash Award of Rs. 5,000/-(Rupees five thousand) per student.

IV. College Cash Award :

a) Any student of the College who stood 2nd and 3rd Positions in the University Examinations of B.A./B.SC./B.Com./B.SC. Biotechnology/B.SC. Food Technology/BCA will be given College Cash Award of Rs. 2000/- (Rupees two thousand) per student. The college will also provide a College Cash Award and Rs. 1000/- (Rupees one thousand) only to each of the students of 4th and 5th Positions in the University Examinations.

V. Incentives for Students :

a) Free education will be provided to the meritorius students who stood 1st to 10th positions in the last H.S. Examinations.
b) Free Education will be provided to the sport persons who got positions at the National/International Level only.
g) Free Education will be provided to the Physically Challenged Students.
d) Tuition Fee will be exemted for the students from 11 to 20 positions holders in the last H.S. Examinations.
e) Tuition Fee will be exemted to poor but meritoriust deserving students of B.A.,B.SC. and B.Com 1st year on earn and learn scheme.
f) Half Tuition Fee will be provided to the students of B.A.,B.SC. and B.Com securing 75% and above in H.S. Examinations.

VI. National Service Scheme :

There are two Units of National Service Scheme of 100 volunteers each Unit under the supervision of two trained Programme Officers.

VII. Literary and Cultural Activities :

Inter-glass, inter-house, inter-College activities involving Debates, Seminar, Workshops, Panel Discussion, Music, Dance, Theatre etc. will form an important part of the College Curriculum. This will help the youths to grasp the finer nuances of an issue, collect ideas and present them logically in an articulate manner thus sharpening their communication skills preparing them for effective parcticipation and leadership of a democratic society.

VIII Games and Sports :

Physical training, Yoga, Gymnastics, Weight Lifting, Power Lifting games such as Football, Hockey, Volleball, Basketball, Cricket and athletics will form an integral part of the College curriculum. Each and every students of this College should compulsorily prefer to one of the item of Games and Sports. The College has two Indoor Stadium-gum-Gymnasium, one Swimming Pool Cat-I of 8-lane, Fitness Centre installed with 16-station multi- gym, Commercial Treadmills, Cycle and other physical exercise equipment, football ground, hockey ground, basketball ball court,Volley ball court, 400- meter covering track etc.

IX. Co-curricular Activities : 

Co-curricular / creative activities have been introduced to serve a two fold purpose viz.
a) To satisfy the inner yearning of a youth for creating and beauty.
b) To act as a window on vocations that students might opt for a later stage in their training. The College thus imparts instructions and educates leading to character development and refinement of most of the finer qualities latent to the student, all of whom are essential for the development of the personality of the students.

X. Activity Club/Hobby Centre :

The student have the option to join any one of the following Activity Club or Hobby Centre listed below :
1. Environmental Club 2. Science Club
3. Health Club 4. Literary Club
5. Sports Club 6. Cultural Activities Club
7. Arts and Painting Club 8. Home Science Club
9. Population Education Club 10. Women’s Studies Centre
11. Human Rights Studies Centre. 12. Red Ribbon Club
In addition there is a Career Guidance, Counselling and Placement Centre.